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Did You Know Sean McCabe?

Did you know Sean Patrick McCabe? Did he write you letters? Did he call you from random pay phones across the country? Did he make you laugh, cry? Did he help you in some way? Did he inspire/influence you? Did he motivate you to do something cool? If you knew him, we suspect that like us he had an impact on your life, in ways you’ve always remembered. Musically he was larger than life, and maybe his bands or his words meant something to you. Maybe you connected with something he put out into the world. Maybe he gave you hope, or helped you see something differently.

Before he died 20 years ago, Sean made us laugh, cry, and think about things differently. He impacted our lives in ways we’ll never forget. If you have a similar story, we want to hear about it.

A few of us, his old friends and bandmates, are working on something special in his memory and we want your help. We are looking for stories, thoughts, memories, pictures, flyers, poems, demo tapes, answering machine messages, or anything at all that has helped you remember Sean. A funny story, a memory, a first impression or simply what he meant to you. Anonymous submissions are welcome but we’d also really like to know who he touched, and show the reach of his influence so if we can include your name and credit you for your submission we’d prefer to do that. Next spring, Toybox Records will be releasing “LOVE HATE LIFE DEATH” – the anthology of CRUD IS A CULT. With it, we’ll be releasing a book, a tribute, a collection of memories and stories to pay long overdue respects to our friend who is no longer with us. We miss Sean, and if you knew him chances are you do too. Help us make this something awesome.

There is no size requirement or restrictions, write as much or as little as you need to tell your story. Two sentences or two thousand words, submit it to us online or write it out by hand and mail it to us. Photos. Flyers. Anything. Just make sure we have it by December 30, 2020. The best submissions will be included in a book that will accompany the release. Let’s make something that Sean would be psyched about.

Send inquiries or submissions to us using this form or directly to