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The summer of 1988 was the first time I ever saw a record on colored vinyl and it blew my mind. I took it to school the following day to show off in a Social Studies class explaining how my new life goal was to collect all the colored vinyl records that had ever been made. At that point I thought they were so insanely rare this was something someone could actually do. I realized my error pretty quickly but even to this day when colored vinyl is sort of ubiquitous they feels special to me, especially if someone has taken the time to make it special. But how do you make something special that anyone can just buy anywhere? Well, first step is to make sure it can’t just be bought anywhere. A limited pressing helps with that too.

The first time I got a record from Revelation that had this little slip in it, I lost my shit. There were records that the only way I could get them was to trade toys for them… What the absolute fuck?! I thought it was insane, but also genius. This was pre-ebay, so finding things to trade was really really hard. Years later, when I was deep in the toy collecting world it was pretty common to find a “holy grail” piece that wasn’t for sale, but was available for trade for very specific things. I once had to buy a toy, trade it to one collector for something he had, that I traded to someone else for something they had, just to get the thing that I actually needed to trade for the thing that I really wanted. It was obnoxious as hell, but also really fun. Journey vs destination.

Over the years I’d trade and collect lots of things, I love things. But the truth is I don’t need any more things. However with the reboot of this label I wanted to bake something fun like this in from the start, without ending up with a closet full of stuff. Cryptocurrency is getting more mainstream, but also still feels like the wild west to some extent. It’s accessible, but also a little dangerous. So that seemed like a good place to start. As we go forward I’ll be listing things here. Some times one of a kind items, sometimes super super super limited editions. Various things, but all will be very special. And the only way to get them will be trading them for crypto. You might say this is some fucking nerdy ass bullshit and you’d be right, but considering the first incarnation of Toybox was partially funded by selling red boxes and copy cards, and I booked tours and arranged distribution via irc, it’s not terribly out of character.

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